Why the Flight Fund Matters

DSC04302Things happen quickly in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Central Mexico—bad weather, flash floods, and changing plans, to name a few. We make plans, but God often changes them according to His perfect design.

The last week of October UIM’s Tepic base supported a dental clinic involving a Mexican national pastor and a dentist reaching out to Huichol Indians. Week-long Bible-teaching classes and a women’s discipleship program were also included, each involving Huichol Indians reaching out to their own people.

Early in the week flights went well, but then a weather system moved in causing the pilots to cancel Friday’s pick-up flights. On Saturday, with weather closing in, one of the pilots left early for a busy day with eight planned mountain landings. At one airstrip he was delayed an hour because two passengers didn’t show. We leaPastedGraphic-2rned later that they had traveled to another village across the canyon and been stranded by flash flooding; they could not reach the airstrip the day of the flight. Clouds and bad weather prevented the pilot from picking up the dentist and pastor working in the other location, so they were delayed another day.

Recently we received a report from the national pastor who accompanied the dentist. The stormy weather God brought provided him extra time and allowed him to visit other small communities in the area. He described it as blessing and shared how he was able to build important relationships for future trips.

The passengers stranded in the other remote airstrip could not have returned home without the airplane. Such an overland journey would have involved a 12-14-hour hike down the mountain to wait for the next bus, an 8-10-hour bus ride, an hour’s boat trip, and another hour’s hike to their homes in the village. God cleared the weather the following day, and our pilot was able to bring the dentist and national pastor home as well as pick up the passengers who were stranded by the flooding. He had a plan and used the delay to allow new relationships to be formed.

Here in Mexico we support several national and indigenous pastors and translators, individual Huicholes with a heart to share Christ with and disciple their own people, foreign missionaries planting churches and translating the Bible, and dentists and doctors working in the area. We subsidize ex-patriot missionary flights 50%; flight costs for indigenous and national workers are subsidized 100%, since they come from extreme poverty, often wondering where the next day’s meal will come from.

This is where you come in as representatives of the American Church. Our subsidization fund is running low, and flights like these are in jeopardy, since we operate on a cash-available basis only. Please prayerfully consider supporting our National and Indigenous Flight Fund and being a vital part of the team reaching the lost for Christ in Central Mexico. Thank you.

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