Internships are great, but what if you’re not in college? No problem!

Not sure what you want to do in missions? UIM Aviation offers a variety of opportunities to experience a variety of ministry options in the American southwest and northern and central Mexico. Even if you are not interested in aviation, but would like to see what other ministry partners are up to, we can transport you and help you navigate the area. Some possibilities:

    • Visit Northern Mexico to explore medical missions, language schools, and Bible translation projects.
    • Fly in and out of remote, rugged airstrips to get a taste of what a “bush pilot” really does.
    • Do you like fresh coconut and mangoes? Experience the tropical area of Central Mexico and see the Huichol church reaching their own for Christ.
    • If you want to stay stateside, hang out with the Tucson, AZ team to learn more about missionary aviation maintenance.
    • Check out a remote camp in the norther Sierra Madre Mountains bringing kids from the cities to the wilderness.
    • Learn about the possibilities of utilizing aviation in the U.S. southwest reservations.
    • Depending on current projects, there may be opportunities to serve at base locations.

Here are some of the organizations we partner with that you may be introduced to on a UIMA vision trip:

    • Mexican Christian Ministries

As you can see, our vision trips are flexible and offer a variety of experiences to help you learn more about cross-cultural missions. Contact us today!