“Isolated from civilization, thousand of Huichol and Cora Indians have limited access to the outside world. They live deep in the mountains of Mexico. They are without medical care, without with Gospel. Broken hearts are lost without Christ.

It may take days of travel for medical help to arrive, if ever. It is a long and difficult journey for missionaries to make. The people reaching the lost are Mexican missionaries. And the best way for the missionaries to get there is by plane.

The face of missions has gradually changed over the years. In the past, missions involved a Western missionary leaving their homeland to go overseas. Today, we see more and more national people becoming missionaries and reaching their own people. In reality, these national missionaries are far more effective, having grown up in the country they serve. Mexican missionaries we fly for have great potential to reach even farther into the mountains with the use of the airplane. Help us expand their reach by providing critical air support.

A donation of $300 covers one flight for these pastors. Would you consider funding a flight or part of a flight on a monthly or one time basis? At this point we see a need of 10 flights a month.

Will you or your church consider giving financially so that we might continue to provide the necessary flights for our national missionaries that are so diligently working to share the Good News with the isolated peoples of Mexico?

Financial contributions can also be sent to UIM International, P.O. Box 6429, Glendale, AZ 85312. Please, designate funds for the “Flight Subsidization Fund”.