The Blind Receiving Site: Indigenous Eye Clinics

Life in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico is difficult, at best. It is even more difficult when your eyesight slowly gets worse due to cataracts. Twice a year Hospital Misión Tarahumara hosts an eye clinic and provides free cataract surgery for the indigenous people of Mexico. A cataract eye surgeon from El Paso, TX, brought a team of cataract specialists and performed 32 successful cataract surgeries on Tarahumara, Tepehuan and Guadajillo patients.

God has provided a small aircraft to transport these cataract patients to and from the hospital, so they don’t have to travel for many hours on rough, four wheel drive roads. For this eye clinic the UIM pilot flew 23.2 hours, transported 26 patients/guardians, and flew a doctor on three different occasions to the remote locations to do the pre-op eye screening and post-op eye checks. God was the One who provided safety in flight, success in the operations, and who also provided the funds to subsidize these flights.

Our prayers are that this eye clinic will have far reaching effects on the lives of the patients and their families and friends. We pray that along with the patients’ physical eye sight having been restored, that this time of having been cared for by His servants will be used of the Lord in drawing them to our Savior, so that one day, soon, they will receive their spiritual eye sight and come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. One of the missionaries to the Tepehuan people group shared that the eye clinics have created inroads to building relationships with the Tepehuan that they would not have had the opportunity to build.

Please be in prayer with us that God would continue to use these eye clinics and the airplane to draw people to Himself. May the Tarahumara, Tepehuan and Guadajillo people groups come to know Christ before it is eternally too late. It takes teamwork to win lost souls for Jesus. We appreciate your interest in what the Lord is doing through our ministry in Mexico. Your prayers are vital and are a tremendous blessing to our collaborative efforts. If the Lord is prompting your heart to give financially, so we can continue this vital ministry to the indigenous people of Mexico, the link to donate is provided at the bottom of this letter. No gift is too small and we thank you for your partnership with us, as we endeavor to assist in the efforts of making His name known, by serving His servants and those who have yet to believe through aviation.

“This blind gentleman, holding a walking stick, had to be led to the Carbon Cub. When he heard there was a possibility that with surgery he may see again, he told the missionary, ‘I want to have the operation, because I want to work again.’ What a contrast and joy to see elderly folks being led to the airplane for a flight, and after surgery, they walk to and from the airplane unassisted.” -UIMA Pilot

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