Refugia’s Story

Refugia had already been unconscious all night and part of the day before someone sobered up enough to contact the missionaries working in a nearby community. The fact that she was unconscious and had been drinking was not initially disclosed. Everyone in her community had been drinking for several days in celebration of a catholic holiday and were probably ashamed that she had been neglected and/or beaten. A missionary doctor from the nearby community hurriedly hiked to the cabin where Refugia survived on a windswept mesa in order to evaluate her condition. It was quickly determined that the patient needed to be evacuated by air ambulance as she had received at least one blow to the head, was convulsing and was unconscious for multiple reasons.

The UIMA pilot was notified and the plane was readied as her husband and other drunk Tarahumara men rallied in order to carry her to the nearest airstrip an hour’s hike away.

When they arrived at the aircraft with the unconscious patient, she was quickly loaded up and flown to the nearest large town where an ambulance was waiting to transport her to the hospital. There she was hospitalized and treated for convulsions, a blow to the cranium and hypoglycemia before being released several days later.

Still in a weakened condition, she and her husband were flown back to the airstrip nearest there community on the remote mesa. The husband was able to help her walk back home where she continues to recover.

Please pray that she and her family along with others in that isolated community will understand that is was the love of Christ that cared for and spared her life as she most certainly would have died if left unconscious and exposed to the elements on that cold barren mesa. Pray that this event would open the door for sharing the Gospel to her community in their native language so that the chains of bondage and darkness would be broken and be replaced with hope, light and eternal life in Christ.

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