Need real-world experience with airplanes and cross-cultural ministry that’s right around the corner?
UIM Aviation offers internships for anyone interested in serving the Lord in cross-cultural ministry and with the use of the airplane.

Mexico offers involvement in a cross-cultural setting without having to leave the continent. There are variety of projects to be completed, villages to visit, people to serve, and memories to make when you team up UIMA. Best of all, you can gain invaluable knowledge of airplane mechanics, flight techniques, and how it can best be utilized to serve in missions.

Contact us if you have any questions about our internship opportunities or want to tailor an internship to fit your needs and budget. If qualified, we can provide a high performance sign off at the end of an internship.

All interns must have the following prerequisites:

            • A strong Christian testimony
            • A desire to serve the Lord
            • A letter of recommendation from a pastor or college professor
            • A&P and pilot’s license preferred
            • Submit an initial application to UIM International

Understand that internship experiences and expenses will vary based on the time of the year, weather conditions, number of flight hours desired, cross-cultural experience wanted, etc.