A Shaman’s Story of Salvation

Many years ago a group of people got saved in an isolated village in the mountains. They were persecuted from the local shaman and others in the village. They would not allow the believers’ children to attend school, shut off their electricity, and performed other harassments. This group of Christians decided to leave and settled in a new community they named it The Blessing, just outside of Tepic. God has really blessed them with jobs in town, a nice church building, and the ablitly to learn more about this God that they love.

A different family (unbelievers) in the mountain village had a baby with a strange growth on his face.  All the shamans in the area tried everything in their power to heal the baby.  This family eventually decided to come out to town to see if a doctor could help them.  The people in the village bid them “good-bye” expecting to never see the baby alive again.  Over the following six months, they made many doctor visits and through modern medicine the baby was healed.  During these six months, the believers in the small community of The Blessing took them under their wing, and this young family eventually got saved.  When this family arrived back at their village with a healthy baby, everyone was astonished to see the baby alive.

This Shaman had ailment for ten years.  He visited several other shamans in order for this ailment to be removed.  No one was able to help him.  After seeing the baby healed, he decided to come out to town to see the doctor and this community of believers.  The doctor was able to fix his ailment easily.  The community of believers made an impact on the shaman.


The turn of events got the shaman thinking about the power of God being stronger than his witchdoctor power.  And he trusted Christ as his Savior!

The shaman felt led to destroy all of his paraphernalia by burning.  A big celebration was held where believers from all around came to be a part of it.  Even a large group of believes made the days journey to be a part of this huge victory of the Lord.

God’s hand is very clear as He works through the lives of these precious Huicholes.  We feel very privileged to have a part in what God is doing here.  We wonder in anticipation what God will do next!village

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