A Helicopter is Needed: Christian Huichol Family Critically Injured

UIM Aviation received an emergency flight request from some of our Christian Huichol friends near our base in Tepic. In a remote village in the Sierras a wall fell during a church construction project and crushed a dad and his two children. It would have been extremely difficult for them to reach the closest airstrip, even if our airplane was there. If UIMA had a helicopter, we may have been able to land right in their village to transport them immediately to a hospital. It is becoming more and more apparent that the Lord is continuing to guide UIMA towards beginning a helicopter operation in Tepic.

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The injured family was forced to travel by foot and boat to a location about an hour away from Tepic where our pilots were waiting with a vehicle. The mom and dad were traumatized and crying for their children. Both of the kids were asleep; however, the movement from the boat to the truck was excruciating. The dad’s hand and wrist were broken; the boy had fractured his leg and sustained head injuries; the little girl suffered from broken bones in her legs and a fractured skull.

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Halfway to Tepic, they met the ambulance and transferred them into their care. All we know right now is that they will each need surgery, but we have no definite answers about internal injuries or the extent of the injuries. The prayer requests at this time include wisdom for the doctors and successful treatment. God saved their lives, and now we are asking for complete healing.

The paperwork process in Mexico is complicated and the red tape is frustrating. The family’s paperwork was not “in order” when they arrived, so surgery was postponed until the issue was resolved. We learned that the father has had his hand and wrist set in a cast, but the children are still in the hospital. The little girl’s skull was fractured in several pieces and will need extensive surgery to correct.
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The spiritual health of the Huichol people is our ultimate concern. A helicopter will not only be able to help in these types of physical emergencies, it will provide transportation for pastors and missionaries to reach isolated villages that do not have access to airstrips. The process of building a helicopter operation is overwhelming, but we serve a mighty God. YOU can have a direct impact on the lives of the isolated Huichol by supporting this helicopter project. Please consider financially partnering with us and the Huichol pastors in this endeavor.

To learn more about this need, watch our Helicopter Project video or contact us.

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